Changing Up Your Curly Hair Styles

Everyone has that one hairstyle that just works. It compliments your face shape, hair type, personality, etc. You know everything there is to know about this style and you rock it 364 days out of the year (with that one day as an exception of course), but then it happens. You wake up one morning and think to yourself, “I want to change things up.” It happens to the best of us and that’s okay, change is good. This seemingly impulsive decision could be the best one you’ve ever made and here are some ideas to give you inspiration!


Long locks with Layers

This is a pretty popular cut within our curly community, it involves keeping your hair long and adding some shorter layers throughout. This cut can keep long curly hair from looking boxy and is great if you want to add texture, movement, and volume (that doesn’t feel heavy) to your hair.


Shoulder Length

Keep it simple. This cut is a classic style all about embracing your natural hair. If you usually have hair that’s longer than shoulder length, cutting it shorter will add some amazing body to your curls. You will need some layers added here and there but dependent on hair texture, some might need more than others.


Face Framing Layers

This cut can give you the allusion of length and volume. Also, framing the face hits all the right places by accentuating your best features.



Everyone knows that bangs are an undeniable commitment regardless of what type of hair you have. Funny, someone decided to spread the rumor that it’s not a commitment to be made by those with curly hair. Allow me to set the record straight, we can do bangs too and have it look amazing! This is actually a style I’ve been contemplating for awhile. I just don’t know if my little one will give me the time I need in the morning to style bangs…


Now some of you may want to switch up your hairstyle, just not permanently. So these next two styles are perfect for you because there’s no scissors involved.


Try a Temporary Hair Color

A pop of color always adds a bit of fun! There’s now quite a few temporary and natural options like Gemini Naturals that allows you to play for a day or two and then wash it out. Blue, pink, rose gold? Do you and have a great time with it.


Change your part

What makes this style so appealing is that you are 100% in control of how it turns out. You can choose how deep to part your hair and where you do it. Changing the part in your hair will most definitely offer a bit of variation to your everyday look and is also a great way to give your hair some volume



Bad hair day? No worries. Try tying your hair back and up into a top knot like the one pictured below. You can also do a messy top knot which is quicker and simpler yet still utterly gorgeous.


I hope this piece helped you get the right amount of inspo. Remember if you’ve decided to cut your hair or make a drastic style change, it’s important to execute your perspective look with a stylist you trust so you can get exactly what you want. Get creative and enjoy the change!