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Top 3 Benefits For Using Silk Pillowcases

The answer will always be an outstanding yes- that silk pillowcases better than cotton ones. The top, high quality silk pillowcases have an array of benefits for your hair, as well as for your skin.

But why is silk so great? What's all the hype? For starters, silk cloth is often described as luxurious product that is quite durable. It's one of the strongest natural fibers and has a soft, smooth texture to it. Silk has been known for decades to be particularly helpful in natural health care. It's especially helpful for curly hair as this kind of hair struggles to retain moisture. This leaves many curly hair women and men with dry hair and tons of breakage. 

We're breaking down the top 3 benefits when using silk pillowcases. Hopefully, this will encourage you to go out and get one immediately! It's always nice to give some extra love to your hair( & skin!).


1. Silk Doesn't Create Friction

If we use cotton, the rough texture can be tough on your hair by snagging on strands. It can also cause inflammation and worsen skin conditions. 

The best silk pillowcases have a gentle and smooth surface. This results in a much more frizz-free hair and less breakage. It can also help protect and preserve the style of your hair curly in the morning. 

2. Silk Doesn't Take All of the Moisture Away 

Cotton sucks moisture and oils from your skin and hair while silk pillowcases won’t. This is good news for curly haired people as we are all trying to avoid even more dry hair. If you ever have issues with a flakey scalp, a silk pillowcase may just the trick. 

Cotton draws in bacteria from your skin and is spread to other areas of your body. It's why cotton is worse for those with acne or any other skin conditions. 

3. Silk Lasts Forever (Almost)

It's a fact that silk pillowcases do last longer than cotton ones. So, don't fret when you see a high price tag. Buy it once or buy it twice. It'll make up for the higher price in the long run. Think of it as an investment. 

You do, however, have to handle with love and care for your silk pillowcase. You should hand-wash your pillowcases every few days. This will help clean up an excess dirt in order to keep your hair and skin both healthy.