Everything You Need to Know About Your Curl Type

Figuring out your curl type may sound like an easy feat, but anyone who has ever tried a product that falls completely flat, knows that it's much harder to find out.
In the curl world, there is an entire classification system ranging from curl types. These curl types range from 2A to 4C. This system has made it easier for us curl folks to find out our unique curl pattern. The number refers to curl families while the letter relates to how tight your curls are.
So what does each type mean? Let's break it all down. Type 1 basically means you have zero curl to your hair. Type 2 means waves, where as Type 3's are spiraled curls and Type 4's are coils and kinks.
Okay, so now you're wondering, why does this even matter? Well, knowing your curl patterns make for the perfect indicator when figuring out what to incorporate in your hair care routine. Instead of wandering aimlessly through the hair-care aisles, you can go stacked with knowledge on what to look for. You'll also avoid wasting time and money with products that don't work for your hair type.
Here are some of my favorite products for each curl type: 

Type 2: Use lighter products that won't weigh your hair down. Products such as gels, creams, and mousses work wonders for those softer waves. 

Type 3A to 3B: Styling creams and milks are great for reducing frizz for those Type 3's. Try using a humidity-blocking product which will aim in cultivating better curl definition.

Type 3C: Use creams that focus on moisture. Deep conditioning 1-2 times a week is extremely important for this curl type as it'll help retain moisture and curl elasticity. 

Type 4: Use a leave-in treatment that eliminates humidity to produce extra protection and hold in moisture. Try our curl-defining LEMON DROP Curl custard for added effect.