The Shake and Rake Method, Explained

There are many curly hair methods we love to use but one of our favorites is the Shake and Rake method. This method can be used when your hair is wet and after you have finished applying all of your products and leave-in-conditioner.

To begin with the Shake and Rake Method, you’ll first want to apply your main product. Try using our Lemon Drop Curl Custard as the perfect foundation.

From there, divide your hair into sections and start to lightly rake your fingers through each section of your hair in a shaking motion from top to bottom. This will help create a more defined wave and curl.

Apply a quarter-size amount of our Cosmopolitan Curl Whip or other curl-specific styling product and continue to rake through your hair with your fingers.

Although some people enjoy diffusing their hair after using this method, we suggest letting your hair air try and try not to touch it until it is completely dry.

Once your hair is dry, you can enjoy tamed and defined waves and curls. If you want bigger and more wilder curly hair, which is our preference, fluff out your hair by putting your fingertips on your scalp and very lightly shake your fingertips around the scalp. This can also be done while flipping your hair over- but be careful to not overdue it. Too much movement can result in frizz. If you experience areas of frizz, you can reapply a light dab of our Cosmopolitan Curl Whip.