Four Healthy (& Simple!) Things You Can Do For Yourself Today

With the world getting bigger, faster, and more technologically advanced, it is now more important than ever to build good habits and tools in order to stay afloat in this ever-changing society. But it doesn't have to be hard. We're breaking down four simple and healthy things that you can do for yourself today, and any other day!

Take it outside to enjoy some time with nature. Being outdoors is one of the best excuses that allows us to step away from work, our phones, and other pressures of life and be in the moment. It requires us to slow down and to take in our surroundings as well as our emotions. It's a chance to check-in. A time well spent in nature is proven to reduce stress while increasing happiness.

Move your body. Although this may seem obvious, exercise plays a key role in enhancing our overall well-being. Research shows that a dedicated exercise practice, whether that be an increase cardio class or a leisurely twenty minute walk, helps manage anxiety and depression and improve one’s productivity, mental focus, and sense of worth. 

Learn something new. By keeping an open mind and staying curious about the world, we not only enhance our own education but we also  contribute to our self-development in the process. By developing a “growth mindset”, we begin to cultivate new tools and good habits that work in tandem in creating a more healthy lifestyle.

Practice mindfulness. Living in such a fast paced and busy world, we often forget to find ourselves in the present moment. We are either stuck in the past or too busy worrying about the future. Living in any moment but the present places a huge amount of stress and unhappiness in our lives. It's why it is crucial to our health to slow down and take a few minutes each day to quiet down and notice our thoughts and breath. A daily meditation practice has an tremendous effect in leveling out our frantic energies and calming down the nervous system.