Fun Ways to Reuse Your Muslin Bags

As many of you already know by now, the team at Cheeky Curls are super passionate in working towards being a fully sustainable brand. We strive in our efforts in working towards ways to repurpose and reuse anything that we send our customers.

One way we do this is through our muslin bags that our products come in. These cute bags have hundreds of ways to use beyond the life of Cheeky Curl products! With that, we are sharing with you a few ways our team personally repurposes our lovely muslin bags in hopes you find some inspiration.

1. Cosmetic Bags

Muslin bags make for the perfect little case to hold some of your beauty supplies. Depending on the size, you can hold quite a few of your favorite beauty products inside. They are also washable so any makeup mishaps or spills are easily fixed with a quick wash. 

2. Potpourri Sachet

Another fun way to use your muslin bag is filling it up with your favorite potpourri. We like to tuck ours in a drawer or in one of our closets. This way, you’ll have lovely-scented clothes and linens in no time.

3. Jewelry Holder

The quality and texture of muslin bags makes it an ideal bag for jewelry as the linen won't scrap or ruin it. They have a durable and stretchy material allowing you to reuse them multiple times without losing integrity of the bag. We love having these in our purses in case we need to spruce up an outfit or change up our looks midday. 

4. Toiletries and Travel Kits 

It should come to no surprise that we love reusing our muslin bags as the perfect travel-sized cases for our toiletries. If they are small enough, you can easily bring them through security with your hand luggage. Just make sure any approved liquid is under 8oz in a zip locked bag and you're good to go. 

What are some fun ways you reuse your muslin bags? Leave us a suggestion in the comments below!