The Best Lessons I Learned From My Mom

Growing up, my mother made sure my needs always came first. Of course, it's something we never truly see nor appreciate until our older, perhaps more wise years. My mother was a parent who made sure my world was a safe and protected one. She filled it with adventure, plenty of love, and room to grow into my own.

Looking back, I am amazed that she was able to do it all so elegantly balanced. Between keeping me close yet giving me the room to fly, trusting that I would eventually come back. 

The bond between mothers and daughters is inarguably intimate. A result that comes from years of nurturing, connecting, and experiencing life together. Our moms are the foundation that helps us make our ways into the world and guide us through self-discovery, eventually coming into our own.

One of the first important lessons my mother taught me was to never change myself to appease others. My mom was a funny and quirky one and she had no apologies about it. She didn't care what people thought of her. And as I grew into my own, I watched her be unapologetically herself. She showed me how freeing it was to be who I was and that I didn’t need to conform in order to make my way into the world. This was an essential building block that I still carry with me today. 

Another life lesson my mother taught me was to slow down and appreciate life. In my early childhood, my mom would take me and my family camping in the summers out on Lake Michigan. On warm nights, she would wake me up and bring me out to see the stars. We would lay on a blanket together for what felt like hours in complete silence, marveling at the universe. These were the moments that she helped me understand that I will never fully grasp the significance of my life if I don’t slow down long enough to feel it. It was my mom who showed me the magic in both the big and small moments.

One of my favorite, perhaps most important, things that I want to pass down to my children is to take care of yourself first. My mother encouraged me to have my own hobbies, interests, and experiences growing up, As a kid, I never quite understood why she was so happy when I found my love for dance and writing. She was my number one advocate for really anything that I found and loved. I can now see that these were the very things that helped me take care of myself mentally and physically which allowed me to show up in the world. After all, If I couldn’t show up for myself, how could I show up for others? 

There are so many more valuable lessons that my mother taught me along the way that shaped me into the person I am today. Motherhood is an incredibly magical and wild journey. It is one of the strongest relationships in the entire world. Even to this day, I still follow my mother’s advice and rely heavily on her guidance. She is my trusted pillar of strength and my support system. Mother’s Day is such a special time to reflect on so many things. Whether you are a mom or trying to become one, or you have a mom or lost a mom, I think of you. I know this day can be hard for some and it only serves as a strong reminder to appreciate what we have when we have it. 

To all the wonderful moms out there, thank you for your encouragement, love, kindness, and support